About me


My name is Martin Sandmark and I live outside Karlstad and run the company Vänervård. With a high level of knowledge and commitment, we offer various services in the Lake Vänern area.

What we do?

The foundation of the business is landscape conservation and manegmend. I work as a supervisor in the Lurö and Millesvik archipelagos and mostly in biodiversity development . We also offer experiences on Lake Vänern such as personal guided tours, transfers, fishing or tailor-made experiences for your wishing. 


The owner of the company Vänervård, have a deep and broad commitment to Lake Vänern. I have graduated from the University of Gothenburg in Landscape Conservation, which is an education with both practical and theoretical landscape conservation. I have a high level of knowledge about Lake Vänern’s nature and culture and have for 20 years studied and worked with Lake Vänern.

Since childhood I have been on lakes and especially Lake Vänern. The knowledge and experience of the lake is great and I have and I spend a lot of time on the lake when I fish and have extensive experience of trolling fishing.

The boat used is an Arronet 23 5 Surprice Work. The boat is well adapted to the activities Vänervård conducts and is used for landscape conservation and tourism activities. The boat is well suited for guided tours in the archipelago and with the bow port it is easy to get ashore even in inaccessible places.

The boat is suitable for people who have mobility difficulties as the boat allows easy entry and exit if required.

The cabin can accommodate 5 guests comfortably. The boat can take a maximum of 7 guests. The boat is equipped with the latest marine technology for safe navigation. Liferafts are available and life jackets are available to borrow before each trip.